In northen Sweden its good to have a snowmobile to stand the long vinter.
Here is some oldies. Model year are not sure before -74, that year registration of snowmobiles started in Sweden.
Other snowmobiles i have own are Ockelbo laser 440, ski-doo blizzard 6500, Yamaha sw400, Yamaha sw440 and a Mercury 440 max see picture backyard junkies.
Link to racepictures on my Yamaha srv 540 -83 driving vintage dragracing. pictures taken by Rickard at More fine pictures on

Dragrace Örviken 2011

Dragrace Ljusvattnet 2013

Projekt crescent 400 LC dragracing

Link to a picture from first race vith crescent 400. picture taken by polymoog. More fine pictures at her vebsite

Dragrace Ljusvattnet 2016